The TeraScape Foundation


o help give back to communities that we service, we’re starting a foundation to act as our official donation channel.  For starts, we are NOT a 501c3 organization… yet.  However, we’ll be working toward solidifying our legal status as a proper 501c3 organization.   Throughout the year, we’ll be adding various charities that we’ll be pushing for.  We ourselves are NOT collecting money yet, until we get the legal structure down.

What we’re pushing for
Library Project

The Library Project

The Library Project builds libraries around underdeveloped areas throughout China, and now Vietnam.  Only $1000 can build a complete library. Go to their site for more information or to donate directly.

4th of July Celebration

Warren County Fourth of July Celebration

Help keep this Warren County, Pennsylvania tradition going!  The 4th of July parade & carnival has been a tradition for over 60 years!  No link yet, but our founder, Eric, is a committee member. Go to Warren County Fourth of July Celebration

Penny 4 Nasa

Penny 4 NASA

While not a charity we’ll personally be collecting for, we’re all for NASA and the space program.  Help them convince the Obama Administration to increase the budget for NASA. Go to Penny 4 NASA