Using as your Webmail

Using TeraScape Email with

Care to set up your email with  Follow these instructions below.

Log into with your MSN email & password.  This does not have to be your current email, if you already have a hotmail account.  Or alternatively, you can get an account with MSN/Live with your current email, then set up

Read Below to set up to work with your TeraScape email address.

After you log in, at the bottom you’ll see:

Get your [] mail right in Outlook

You can read and send messages from other email accounts without signing in to different places. Get started

Next, you’ll get to this page:

Add an email account

You can use Outlook to send and receive email from other accounts. To get started, enter your email address and password below.
Enter your email & password to your TeraScape-hosted email account.
The next page will ask where you would like to store it.  This is up to you.  Inbox, or create a folder to keep your email separate from other accounts.
After you do this, you’ll get the following notification:
Before you can send a message from this account, we need to confirm you own the email address. Please click the link in the message we’ve sent to [your email address].
We’ll start getting messages now. If there are a lot of messages, it may take up to a day to get them all.
Thanks for your patience.
You can check your account status and edit your settings by going to Options.
Check your email, and follow the instructions.  It should look like this:

Verify that you own this email address

You have set up your Outlook account to send messages from this email address.
By adding this address, you’ll be able to write messages and send them from this Outlook account:

[ your email address ]

1. To verify that you own this account and want to send messages from it, click the link below:

Below that will be a verification link.

2. The link will take you to the sign-in page for Outlook. Just sign in to the account that you want to send mail from. Once you’ve done that, your mail from that account will start being sent from this address.

When that page opens, you should get:

You have successfully verified [ your email address ]!

The next time you write messages, you will be able to select [ your email address ] as a From address.

Return to inbox

That’s it!  You can now use as an alternative Webmail!
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