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We're setting up some customized instances on Amazon AWS...

... for the purposes of testing new services inside and outside of China, as well as the US. While we're still in experimentation stage, we hope to have something functional & deliverable within a couple months. Read more

"Quit Bothering Me!" New Reverse Phone Lookup Tool

Recently, we built a Reverse Phone Lookup Tool over the summer, and want to introduce it to our American & Canadian audiences. The aptly named, "QuitBothering.Me" is currently a list of a dozen or so phone numbers that Read more

Have you heard about CISPA?

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cispa-stopLearn more about this dangerous piece of legislation going through the American system at  It’s already passed in the House of Representatives, but it’s not too late to contact your senator.

Here’s a clip:

CISPA stands for The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, a network and Internet security bill written by Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) and Dutch Ruppersberger (D-MD) (H.R. 624). The bill purports to allow companies and the federal government to share information to prevent or defend against network and other Internet attacks. However, the bill grants broad new powers, allowing companies to identify and obtain “threat information” by looking at your private information. It is written so broadly that it allows companies to hand over large swaths of personal information to the government with no judicial oversight—effectively creating a “cybersecurity” loophole in all existing privacy laws.


Senate vote on bill requiring warrants for e-mail searches

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Watch the report here.

Senate vote on bill requiring warrants for e-mail searches

Justice Department officials resisting legislation

Support builds for revising email privacy protections

Law enforcement officials will try to make their case for leaving in place a 25-year-old email privacy law critics call woefully outdated as the Senate continues to weigh adding new protections to safeguard digital communications.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is debating a proposed revision of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, which once kept digital correspondence reasonably confidential, but has, according to critics, been left in the dust by the Internet Age. When first enacted in 1986, few people kept old emails that can now be stored cheaply and indefinitely. Yet the law still requires only an administrative subpoena for law enforcement to access emails older than six months. Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., wants the law revised to require a court-issued warrant, and also has other changes in mind.

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