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We're setting up some customized instances on Amazon AWS...

... for the purposes of testing new services inside and outside of China, as well as the US. While we're still in experimentation stage, we hope to have something functional & deliverable within a couple months. Read more

"Quit Bothering Me!" New Reverse Phone Lookup Tool

Recently, we built a Reverse Phone Lookup Tool over the summer, and want to introduce it to our American & Canadian audiences. The aptly named, "QuitBothering.Me" is currently a list of a dozen or so phone numbers that Read more

Server Alerts @ Twitter

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Due to the amount of requests & queries regarding our server status during the last outage, we set up a twitter account that we’ll update if anything were to go on out of the ordinary. Follow @TSNServers to see the status of our system and to be alerted when everything is back to normal.  Latest tweets are at the bottom of this page.

You can also follow @Terascape for our news and information regarding our company, our partners & other tips & tricks to make your online life easier and more secure.

Weekend Downtime

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This weekend saw the failure of one of our main hard-drives. While not a complete loss, i.e. we didn’t have to resort to backups to get things running again, it affected some httpd functions as well as mysql. Because of this, we had to take the server offline, clone the HD in order to protect the most recent versions of sites & the server data, and reinstall the data onto a separate hard drive.

We’re now back up & running after a few hours downtime. This should be the last downtime until we make the final data center move, now pushed back a week or two so we can monitor our servers.

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