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We're setting up some customized instances on Amazon AWS...

... for the purposes of testing new services inside and outside of China, as well as the US. While we're still in experimentation stage, we hope to have something functional & deliverable within a couple months. Read more

"Quit Bothering Me!" New Reverse Phone Lookup Tool

Recently, we built a Reverse Phone Lookup Tool over the summer, and want to introduce it to our American & Canadian audiences. The aptly named, "QuitBothering.Me" is currently a list of a dozen or so phone numbers that Read more

The Doomsday Prank

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Being a Sony Bravia owner myself, I couldn’t help but wonder if a Sony TV could pull off the same prank that this LG 86′ HDTV television did. Let’s just say it’s cruel, and one of the participants didn’t quite enjoy LG’s little stunt.

The office this took place in was in Chile, hence the language.  You won’t need to translate it though to figure out what’s going on.

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