Website Hosting and Design for sites in Shanghai, China & Asia!

Bronze Package – 1 Gig

Here’s your standard hosting platform, good for a personal site, blog & photos. Get your personal presence online.
Silver Package – 2 Gigs

This one’s better suited for running more than one site, and leaving enough room for you or your company email.
Gold Package – 5 Gigs*

Your full blown corporate presence goes here, plenty of space for your site, emails, cfm’s crm’s and much more!
Dedicated Server

¥ ? ? /yr
Planning on running something MAJOR? Ask us about our dedicated servers! Great for any major expansion.

Talk to us about your website hosting needs, or let us or our partners design a site to meet your individual or corporate needs.  Each package comes with 20 email addresses & and up to 5 domain names & databases. Should you use your package for nothing but email, you’ll have the full gambit of that space to use toward email. Should you choose, perhaps something like Google Apps for your email, the rest of your site is ready for your files & databases. Your package is YOURS to use, however you like!

Our servers, located in Hong Kong are fast and reliable, easily viewable and unhindered in China.  We keep everything up to date with minimal trial times for new software versions.  We hate spam, too!  Email filters eliminate 99% of the spam that comes through.  Soon, we’ll help you eliminate even more with our upcoming scripts page!

So sign up, and let us show you what good customer service in China & Asia looks like!

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