Warren, Pennsylvania, the founder’s hometown.

9 December, 2022

Recent Issues with the July 4th Committee

Recently, the facebook page of the Warren County Fourth of July Committee was taken over by unscrupulous people, due to a hacked account. Because the Fourth […]
13 May, 2022

Something a little new to stop the Washington Park plans…

11 January, 2022

My comment after submitting to “You Grew Up in Warren if…”

If I write it here, I’ll post it there as well. TeraScape was my company for many years in Shanghai, and I can still update it […]
11 January, 2022

Washington Park concerns & speculation toward the City of Warren’s Parks & Recreation committee

First recorded post on FB’s “You Grew Up in Warren, PA If…” group. Remember those meetings about Washington Park? They’re still happening. Next one is, I […]