The Sweet Meteor of Death Announces its Candidacy

SMOD has announced its Candidacy! We all know who to vote for, for a change we REALLY need!

Some Starfield Screenshots

I’ve been an avid Starfield player since its release. Here are some of my better screenshots I’ve taken.

Immigration in Pennsylvania

Is illegal immigration being used to flip red counties in Pennsylvania? Immigration is fine. However, we seem to have a LOT of illegal immigrants in Pennsylvania. There’s a big difference between the two.

Happy 𝜋 Day

I asked MidJourney to imagine 𝜋. The actual symbol, and not just “pi”. And it did its magic!

The Earth is FLAT! And I have evidence.

BEHOLD! The Images that PROVE the Earth is FLAT! These VERY hard to find images show the flat earth as it TRULY IS!

A Blue & White Smoky Mountain Scene

A blue smoky forest, created by MidJourney. This was an idea I got off of another MidJourney user, who used a similar prompt, but for houses.

Blue and Green Worlds

MidJourney created these various blue & green worlds. The green ones were actually for David Kipping, of Cool Worlds Lab, but the rest are just pictures I wanted for a desktop theme.

The Silent Stars

A short story by ChatGPT, based on the “Dark Forest” hypothesis, images from MidJourney, a possible answer to the Fermi paradox. Look up Liu Cixin for more.

Recent Issues with the July 4th Committee

Recently, the facebook page of the Warren County Fourth of July Committee was taken over by unscrupulous people, due to a hacked account. Because the Fourth […]

Something a little new to stop the Washington Park plans…