9 December, 2022

Recent Issues with the July 4th Committee

Recently, the facebook page of the Warren County Fourth of July Committee was taken over by unscrupulous people, due to a hacked account. Because the Fourth […]
13 May, 2022

Something a little new to stop the Washington Park plans…

11 January, 2022

My comment after submitting to “You Grew Up in Warren if…”

If I write it here, I’ll post it there as well. TeraScape was my company for many years in Shanghai, and I can still update it […]
11 January, 2022

Washington Park concerns & speculation toward the City of Warren’s Parks & Recreation committee

First recorded post on FB’s “You Grew Up in Warren, PA If…” group. Remember those meetings about Washington Park? They’re still happening. Next one is, I […]
6 December, 2020

Optifine is your friend…

… especially if you have kids that are into Minecraft. And lets face it. What kid isn’t? https://optifine.net/home
22 April, 2020

Major updates, and our theme broke. We’ll fix this eventually.

We’ve recently updated everything on our servers, now sporting PHP 5.5 for older sites, as well as a choice to move up to both 7.0 and […]
15 February, 2018

Happy Spring Festival from all of us at TeraScape!

May the new Year of the Dog bring all the luck, health and wealth that you desire! 出入平安
19 January, 2018

Privacy Concerns? Look into Ghostery.

Ghostery is an extension for browsers that can block ads, social networks, scripts and more, from running on your browser when you go to certain websites.  […]
3 December, 2017

Quick Update to Prices today

We updated the prices on the front page of our site today.  Current clients, if you’re not getting the new space, let us know and we’ll […]