9 April, 2016

Testing Continues…

We’re still working with our few instances of AWS, and have come up with a few different solutions, but due to the Chinese… “internet enhancers”, we’ve […]
17 July, 2015

We’re Setting up some customized instances on Amazon AWS

We’ve been busy messing around with Amazon AWS for the purpose of testing new services inside & outside of China, as well as the US. While […]
3 June, 2015

Drupal Camp 2015

TeraScape was a part of this year’s Drupal Camp, even going as far as setting up the after party at The Shed in Shanghai! Find out […]
9 April, 2014

TeraScape 1 – Heartbleed 0

This week, TeraScape took steps to secure our servers from the recent security discrepancy known to most as Heartbleed. Weve patched our OpenSSL, but we still […]
25 December, 2013

Merry Christmas!

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