Company News

22 April, 2020

Major updates, and our theme broke. We’ll fix this eventually.

We’ve recently updated everything on our servers, now sporting PHP 5.5 for older sites, as well as a choice to move up to both 7.0 and […]
3 December, 2017

Quick Update to Prices today

We updated the prices on the front page of our site today.  Current clients, if you’re not getting the new space, let us know and we’ll […]
15 July, 2017

Email servers soon to change…

In a move that most likely no one will actually notice (we hope), we’re changing some of the parameters regarding both how the servers distribute email, […]
25 April, 2017

We’re back!

As you can see, we’re on our way to rebuilding our company site, back to its old design, but bringing with it a lot of new […]
9 April, 2016

Testing Continues…

We’re still working with our few instances of AWS, and have come up with a few different solutions, but due to the Chinese… “internet enhancers”, we’ve […]
17 July, 2015

We’re Setting up some customized instances on Amazon AWS

We’ve been busy messing around with Amazon AWS for the purpose of testing new services inside & outside of China, as well as the US. While […]
3 June, 2015

Drupal Camp 2015

TeraScape was a part of this year’s Drupal Camp, even going as far as setting up the after party at The Shed in Shanghai! Find out […]
9 April, 2014

TeraScape 1 – Heartbleed 0

This week, TeraScape took steps to secure our servers from the recent security discrepancy known to most as Heartbleed. Weve patched our OpenSSL, but we still […]