Privacy Concerns? Look into Ghostery.

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Ghostery is an extension for browsers that can block ads, social networks, scripts and more, from running on your browser when you go to certain websites.  This prevents these sites from tracking where you’re coming in from, and where you’re going to when you leave their sites.  It also prevents them from tracking locations and even blocks ads.  If you’re concerned about what your browser is leaking about you, check out Ghostery for your browser, or get the Ghostery browser for your phone.

Not sure if it’s working after you install?  Check back here.  Did you see it block our Facebook Connect access?  Then by all means, add us to the safe list, and tell us about it!  We promise, all we use is Facebook Connect for comments, and Google Analytics for… analytics.

Email servers soon to change…

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In a move that most likely no one will actually notice (we hope), we’re changing some of the parameters regarding both how the servers distribute email, and the servers themselves.  This is in reaction to more recent changes to the GFW.  Due to the ongoing changes, we try to stay one step ahead, and with this move, we hope to have no disruption in service now, or in the future.

TeraScape 1 – Heartbleed 0

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This week, TeraScape took steps to secure our servers from the recent security discrepancy known to most as Heartbleed. Weve patched our OpenSSL, but we still encourage our clients, and everyone else for that matter, to change your passwords. Not just with TeraScape, but with any online service you may use.

CNET provides a list of the top 100 websites, who they asked whether or not they have patched their servers, and whether or not they recommend changing passwords.